Stop making your iced tea with hot water.
(your tea leaves will thank you)

Chances are your make iced tea with hot water, a double strength brew, and a pound of ice leaving your iced tea is too bitter or too diluted. Pouring hot tea over ice, or making it hot and letting it cool afterward, leaves you with a vat of mouth-puckering, astringent tea without subtlety or reward. Let us introduce you to cold brewing, and we promise you won’t go look back.

Cold brewing tea is a lot easier than you think. Unlike hot brewing, small variations in water temperature, steep time, and the amount of tea are not as crucial to cold brew success.

To create a delicious batch of cold brew tea:

Mix 56g (2oz) of organic loose leaf tea into 1 gallon of filtered or purified water. Do not use distilled water.

Refrigerate the tea and water mix for 18 to 48 hours. The longer the mixture sits, the stronger the resulting brew.

Strain out the tea leaves and serve chilled or over ice. Feel free to add fruit as garnish or an after drink snack!

Cold brew tea will store if kept cold for 2 - 4 weeks.

Hunters Tea Fact: We use single estate teas in all our blends leading to a refined taste, increased quality, and delicious flavor.