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micro-brewing process

We allow our organic full leaf teas to brew up to 24 hours at a chill 38 degrees naturally extracting complex flavor profiles without artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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raw organic ingredients

Working closely with industry-built relationships, we source the highest quality organic teas free of pesticides and chemicals yielding a raw, minimally processed, organic cold brew tea.

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cold brew and tannins

Tannins are the responsible party for that astringent, bitter taste you get when hot brewing tea. The cold brew process reduces these tannins creating a smooth, crisp, full-bodied tea that's drinkable all day long.

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Hunters draft programs are customizable to fit the unique palate and desires of each restaurant, cafe, or office space. Over time and with seasonal rotations, each client's program evolves based on preferences.

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All programs are scalable for any size cafe, restaurant, or office space. Whether your a new cafe building clientele or your a sizeable creative firm needing their craft brew fix, we're here to provide a reliable source of delicious, craft cold brew beverages.

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We pride our selves on service and aim to be #1 in New England for all your cold brew needs. With full-service programs, no rental fees, no maintenance fees, free nitrogen, and free deliveries we are geared to support your business.

consumers just cant get enough cold brew

“We’re going through 20 to 25 gallons of cold brew on weekdays. It beats out every single other drink,” Jonathan Dreszer, the general manager of Brooklyn’s Cafe Devocion, told Moneyish. And people are dropping $4.50 for just a 12-ounce cup.

Moneyish - SPLURGE

This is Nitrogen Infused Tea

Nitrogen infused cold brew tea adds a new dimension of flavor to our cold-crafted brews. Taste, aroma, and mouthfeel are all enhanced, creating a unique silky smooth brew.

Only availble from Hunters Tea | N2 Infusing since 2016

We've got you covered

Need a draft system? | Already have a draft system? | Want a custom draft system installed? | We offer multiple plans to fit the way you run your company.

All of our systems include full service, no-cost maintenance, free nitrogen, free deliveries, and no rental or lease fees.

small draft cold brew system

We are the "fourth wave" crafting artisanal cold brew to new heights.

Millennials are much more likely than average to pay more for single-source tea and coffee beverages at cafes and coffee bars.

Mintel Research - Millennials Drive Growth

0+ TEA's

Your customers and employees will rave about!

Ceylon Black
Organic Sri-Lankan Tea
Pai Mu Tan White
Organic Chinese Tea
Sencha Green
Organic Chinese Tea
Rock Oolong
Yunnan Province
White Peach Nitro
Light Peachy retreat N2 Infused
Sencha Mint Nitro
Minty Green Refresher N2 Infused
Poached Pear Spice
Soft Spicey Green Blend
Red Fruit Commix
Caffeine Free Tisane
Peach Black Nitro
Bold Peach Black N2 Infused

setting the bar for cold brew


We are the only company in New England to offer a 100% organic cold brew tea and cold brew coffee draft program.

Usage Reporting

Statistics are your best friend. We offer delivery, maintenance, and usage reporting to all our customers.

Baristas Best Friend

Not only is artisanal cold brew delicious, but it's also easy to pour, saving you time, labor cost, and back-of-house frustration.

Timely Delivery

We deliver on a consistent and reliable schedule keeping you stocked and ready to take on the day.

Rotating Seasonals

We like to keep our menu fresh and exciting. That's why we feature rotating seasonals, and pilot brews never tasted before.

Hunters-Nitro™ Tea

We pioneered Nitro Tea with ground-breaking brews that awake your senses and blow your mind.

Want cold brew on tap at your restaurant or office?

Connecting with the right vendor who can supply a high-quality, ready to drink product saves the time, labor and additional costs of making it in-house, while providing an outlet for easy and profitable retail sales.

CSP Daily News - The Future of Cold Brew