Single estate tea matters.

“Single estate tea” is any tea originating from one single tea property, plantation or garden, where the make up of the tea plant’s environment, soil elements, elevation level, as well as climate are important factors that directly contribute to the quality, taste, and health benefits of each tea leaf.


Single estate teas are composed of pure, whole-leaf, camellia sinensis the botanical name for the tea plant. White, Green, Oolong, Black, and Pu-erh are all derived from different oxidation levels of the camellia sinensis.


Single estate teas reflect their distinct taste profile of the unique origin or growth. Like wine, tea from a singular origin is indicative of its terroir, with various taste based on location, geography, geology, and climate


Knowing where a single estate tea was farmed gives consumers a pluthera of information not available with non single estate teas. Was this tea produced in an evnironmentally sound manner? Was the farming method sustainable? These are all details which pair with each single estate tea.


Organic tea is produced in the absence of synthesized chemicals like pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators and concentrated fertilizers. Single estate teas are from their individual farms, ensuring you receive a true organic product.

The appeal of single-estate tea is clear.

Just as single-origin chocolate or coffee, single estate tea brings out singular taste experiences between different flushes providing a unique yet forever changing palate.

It can be expensive, as supply is inherently limited, but can also have a greater purity of flavor than blended teas because all of the leaves share the same origin.

Hunters Tea Fact: We use single estate teas in all our blends leading to a refined taste, increased quality, and deliscious flavor.